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SDCC 2009: We Want Answers! Seven Burning Questions for Comic-Con 2009



San Diego Comic-Con can't come fast enough.  The annual geek orgy is one of the largest in the world, and has grown from a mecca for comic book nerds and sci-fi geeks to the end-all, be-all of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy in every conceivable medium.  While waiting breathlessly for the gates to open, we came up with hundreds of questions we're hoping to get answered at the con.  Then, for your reading pleasure, we whittled them down to seven…


How will Summer Glau fit in to Dollhouse's second season?

With Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles officially getting the heave-ho from Fox, Summer Glau is a free agent, and of course, Joss Whedon has already pounced.  Whedon has publicly stated he's already approached Summer for a role in Dollhouse, but the question is: what kind of role?  Whedon doesn't want to make her an Active; that's too easy.  Would she be a client?  A handler?  Maybe the head of a competing organization?

How brutal will Jackie Earle Haley's Freddy Krueger be?

Rumors are already flying that Platinum Dunes's reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street will include a new, scarier Freddy back story, new Freddy makeup, and, of course, a new Freddy.  But can anyone truly replace Robert Englund's beloved portrayal of the wise-cracking maniac?  The Oscar-nominated Jackie Earle Haley is gonna give it a shot, and he seems ready to play a much darker Freddy.  How you can make a child killer more brutal remains to be seen.  But with a resume that includes roles in Watchmen, Maniac Cop 3, the upcoming Shutter Island, and previous experience as a child molester in Little Children, dark characters are nothing new to Jackie.  Add to that a black belt in karate and a name that sounds like a serial killer's calling card, and we can't wait to see just how extreme this Freddy will be.

How will Scarlett Johannson fill out the Black Widow costume (and how will Mickey Rourke handle those whips)?

Okay, maybe it shouldn't be "how will" ScarJo fill out the Black Widow costume in Iron Man 2, and more like, "how unbelievably hot will she look?"  While some die-hard fans worry that the actress can't pull off the role of a Russian spy, everyone else on the planet just wants to see her in skintight black leather.  Meanwhile, Mickey Rourke will play Whiplash, a role that, a few years ago, may have made him a tremendous liability.  But with The Wrestler bringing him newfound respect, hopefully Mickey can stay focused long enough to give Indiana Jones a run for his money.

Will Ghostbusters 3 really, truly, finally be a reality?

Fans have been waiting two decades for a third Ghostbusters film.  Rumors have flown that it was a go, then a no-go, then a go again.  Alleged in-fighting between the boys in gray, salary holdouts, and a general disdain for role reprisal have plagued the franchise.  But with the recently released Ghostbusters: The Video Game a hit with critics and fans, and the return of Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson to the franchise, it seems like a third film is now on the horizon.  We're not greedy; we just want confirmation of a script, a general timeline for shooting, and an approximate release date.  A brief outline of the new story would not be turned away, either.

Are piranhas scarier in 3D?

Piranhas are pretty creepy in and of themselves.  Those sharp, tiny teeth; that cold, bloodthirsty stare… but put them in 3D, and they could be pants-crappers.  Generally, creature features like the upcoming Piranha 3D end up on the hokey side.  But with horror favorite Alexandre Aja at the helm (whose credits include Mirrors and The Hills Have Eyes remake), we're hoping for a wall-to-wall gore fest.  The addition of 3D technology, so effectively used in My Bloody Valentine, just adds icing to the cake.

Will Jonah Hex shoot blanks on the big screen?

Comic-book properties are big business, but when they fail, they do so spectacularly.  For every Iron Man you have a Daredevil; for every X-Men you get a Wolverine.  Since it combines traditional comic-book heroics with horror, we're hoping DC's Jonah Hex is far from hexed when it hits the big screen in 2010.  Josh Brolin stars as the eponymous gunslinger, apparently hellbent on stopping a supernatural force from sweeping out the Wild West.  I guess the big question is: how gritty will this western be? After all, even non-horror westerns are expected to ooze edginess these days, and Jonah's dark enough to give Clint Eastwood's fabled Man with No Name pause.  But will his nastiness be watered down in an attempt to put butts in seats?  And just how much actual horror will be in this film?  (Warner Brothers is playing its cards close to its vest.)  Oh well, at least Megan Fox is in it – so even if it sucks, you'll get some eye candy with your popcorn.

What does Guillermo have in store for his Hobbit?

Peter Jackson hadn't even picked up his Best Picture Oscar for the third Lord of the Rings film, and people were already buzzing about his version of The Hobbit.  While Jackson is producing the film and working on the screenplay, he's turned the directing reins over to Guillermo del Toro, the dark genius behind Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy.  With his penchant for Cenobite-looking creatures with eyeballs in their hands and – in the case of Hellboy II's Angel of Death – wings, can we expect his version of The Hobbit to be a huge departure from Jackson's saga of the friendly woodland creatures?  Maybe it will be, and maybe it will inspire Jackson to go back to his gore-soaked early work.

With Comic-Con less than two weeks away, you've probably got your own list of questions. Let us know what they are -- we'll be at the event and covering it in depth, so we'll do our best to get you some answers. And be sure to check out out the exciting guests and events we'll be bringing to Comic-Con!