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See 'I Didn’t Come Here to Die' in Select Theaters


“Volunteer work is a killer.”

If your parents told you AmeriCorps was a bad idea, and if the indie I Didn’t Come Here to Die is any indication of what happens to volunteers, it’s good you listened.

Shot in just seven days, the film follows a group of volunteers who trudge into the woods on a humanitarian mission. You know what follows. That’s right, loss of humanity, loss of limbs, and ultimately, loss of life. Judging by the trailer and poster, the movie has definite throwback appeal, but if the mainly positive reviews are to be believed, I Didn’t Come Here to Die isn’t your run of the mill hack n’ slash in nature.

If you are lucky enough to live in the following cities listed below you can buy tickets via to see the film. Screenings kick off October 11 in Philadelphia.  If not, Level 33 has plans to distribute the movie in January of 2013.

Oct. 11 Philadelphia, PA, 7:30pm at the Landmark Ritz Five
Oct. 11 Beverly Hills, CA, 7:30pm at the Laemmle Music Hall 3
Oct. 11 Austin, TX, 7:30 PM at The Alamo Drafthouse - Slaughter Lane
Oct. 11 Portland, OR, 10:00 PM at the Living Room Theater
Oct. 16 Atlanta, GA, 10:00 PM at Plaza Theatre
Oct. 18 Columbus, OH, 10:00 PM at Drexel Theater
Oct. 18 Seattle, WA, 10:00 PM at SIFF Film Center
Oct. 22 New York, NY, 10:00 PM at Landmark's Sunshine Theater
Oct. 24 Ann Arbor, MI, 10:00 PM at The Michigan Theater

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