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See Retro 8-Bit Leatherface Kill in this Classic Atari Game


Wizard  Video Games The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"Grab your joystick and become Leatherface, the homicidal, chainsaw wielding maniac of your nightmares!"

So says the box for Wizard Video Games’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari 2600 game.

Claiming to be “The first violent and adult video game.” and considered one of the bloodiest video games of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre debuted in 1983. It is a single-player game that has you working a chainsaw in an attempt to chop down as many people as possible before it runs out of gas.  Beware the wheelchairs, gates, brambles and cow skulls!
The video game is extremely rare, but you can easily get your hands on the ROM for the game that can be used with an Atari emulator.

Wizard Video Games PromoAccording to the awesome blog Man Is the Warmest Place to Hide (Yep. That’s the tagline to The Thing.), there’s another version of this game floating around.

“An alternate, unreleased version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game has recently surfaced, although it's not clear if it was also programmed by Salvo and Klein. It takes a somewhat different approach by allowing Leatherface to create mysterious rainbow blocks with which to trap his victims (I'm serious) before attacking them with his chainsaw. It also allows two player gameplay - the other player controls the victim, who can shoot back at Leatherface with a gun,” Man Is the Warmest Place said.

Leatherface trapping his victims in rainbows. How poetic.

The young kiddies who never had a chance to play Atari may find the video below a bit laughable, but it will surely make the oldheads out there nostalgic for crappy side-scroller games, with ear drum-splitting sound effects. Watch Leatherface in action.


via ManIstheWarmestPlacetoHide