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The Shining Gets Its Own Faux 8-Bit NES Game!


The Shining NES

What's old is new again in our nostalgia obsessed culture - everything from VHS tapes to old toys seeing a most unexpected modern day resurgence in the last couple years.  Thanks in large part to toy company NECA, who recently put out Jason and Freddy toys based on the way they looked in their respective NES games, there's even been a renewed interest in 8-bit video games of late - fans taking it upon themselves to turn their favorite horror movies into 8-bit games that consoles like NES never gave us.

What would it look like if The Shining were given the same treatment movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th were given, back in the day?  Check out YouTube channel CineFix's brilliant video below, which serves as a virtual walkthrough of a game we'll unfortunately never be able to play for ourselves!



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