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Short Film Resembles Lost 1980's Shot-on-Video Slasher Flick


VHS and horror: two words most of us here find irresistible. We recently spotted this short film/music video from a trio of Austin, Texas filmmakers (Josh Johnson, Carolee Mitchell, Christopher Palmer) — the same team behind the Rewind This! documentary currently in production. The film aims to trace the impact of home video and is set to feature interviews with Cassandra Peterson, Frank Henenlotter, adult video pioneer Bill Margold, and more.

The Rewind This! crew teamed up with Beaujolais — the alter ego of Bleeding Skull creator Joseph A. Ziemba — to create a short for the song "Where We Came From." The project was filmed via camcorder and created in the style of 1980's shot-on-video slasher flicks — complete with VHS glitches and other video-riffic embellishments, thankfully not overdone. All of horror's greatest archetypal characters make an appearance, including a final girl (Sarah Johansson), a masked killer (Matt Brinkley), and a grizzled detective (Gary Kent).

Check out the clip below, along with the Rewind This! teaser trailer. Then, thank the movie gods for videotapes and horror movies.

Music Video


Teaser Trailer