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The Short That Inspired 'Trick 'R Treat'

As we may have mentioned, FEARnet HD (a.k.a. our new TV channel with a schedule and a channel number and stuff) is launching this weekend. We kick things off at midnight Eastern Time Saturday night with the original theatrical cut of The Exorcist as never before seen on television - uncut, unedited and in HD. Not a bad way to begin, eh?

Then at 6am we get our Halloween on with a 24-hour marathon of Trick 'R Treat, a movie that celebrates all that we love about the holiday: costumes, candy and supernatural homicide.

But since hardly any of you get FEARnet HD yet (boo!), we want to make it up to you with some bonus Trick 'R Treat goodies...

First, check out this gallery of amazing Trick 'R Treat concept art by Simeon Wilkins & Breehn Burns (courtesy of writer/director Michael Dougherty):


And now feast your eyes on the complete Season's Greetings short that inspired the film.


Don't forget to treat us with a call to 877-FEAR-247 to demand FEARnet HD from your TV provider. That way you won't have to miss next year's Trick 'R Treat marathon...