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Sideshow Collectibles Introduces Snake Plissken Sixth Scale Figure


Snake Plissken figure

Snake Plissken is a character that always gets a whole lot of love during the Halloween season, with many slapping on eye patches and leather jackets in an attempt to turn themselves into the badass anti-hero.  This Halloween in particular, that love is stronger than ever.  First we announced that Fright Rags would be releasing a trio of t-shirt offerings based on Escape from New York, and today comes the pre-order release of a brand new Sixth Scale action figure of the man they call Snake - one of the most requested toys of all time finally coming to life, courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles!

Despite being one of the more iconic movie characters, Snake Plissken has only been immortalized in action figure form once throughout the years, a toy based on his look in the inferior sequel Escape from LA being released by McFarlane in 2000.  Not surprisingly, fans have for years been demanding that Sideshow Collectibles do Snake the proper justice, and boy have they ever.

Snake Plissken Sideshow

Fully clad in his muscle shirt, leather jacket, camo pants, shin guards and combat boots, Sixth Scale Snake comes equipped with all sorts of accessories, including a radio and homing device, a wrist time-clock and tracker, and of course, a cigarette.  The Sideshow Exclusive Edition of the figure also comes with an additional alternate hand, as well as a cassette tape that fits into it.

Snake Plissken toy

Both the regular version and the Exclusive Edition can now be pre-ordered through Sideshow Collectibles, each one priced at $159.99.  A small price to pay to bring Snake into your home! 

See more pictures, and get more info, over on Sideshow's website.