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Silenoz Talks Dimmu Borgir's Next Album

According to the latest update from Norwegian black metal masters Dimmu Borgir, guitarist Silenoz (a.k.a. Sven Atle Kopperud, pictured above) has recently divulged some hints about the band's next studio project. With the dust still settling from last year's messy split with bassist Vortex and keyboardist Mustis, the axe-wielder chatted with UK's Metal Hammer magazine, indicating that the band has plunged into the songwriting process once again. Choice cuts from that interview lie below the fold!

Much buzz has circulated since the departure of the two long-time players, including speculation as to whether the legendary band would continue forward with a follow-up to their top-selling 2007 release In Sorte Diaboli. But according to the interview, of which excerpts are posted on the band’s blog, the remaining members are hard at work on several new songs – which the guitarist described as “grand, huge, epic and primal” with an “eerie and haunting feel.” Of course, if you’re even slightly familiar with their elaborately-staged, occult-themed material, that should come as no surprise. But he goes on to say that the new stuff may be even more shocking: “We believe it'll raise a few eyebrows,” he continued. “We might even have to trim our own!”

When asked why there has been a progressively longer waiting period between Dimmu Borgir albums, Silenoz explained: “Because we want the next album to be a better and stronger one. We're more critical of each process and we take the time it needs… once we start rushing things, like trying to write music while on tour to speed things up…forget about it. We've tried it before and it didn't work. We focus 110 percent on one thing at a time. Plus, if we'd release an album every year… where would the excitement be?”