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News Article

Sin City: The Game - It’s Going to Be Unreal


If you thought you were excited about the upcoming Sin City sequels to the live-action film based on Frank Miller’s graphic novels, then you’re going to flip your lid over the notion of a videogame! Earlier this year, Red Mile Entertainment obtained the rights to the Sin City graphic novel collection after the live-action film gained the classic comic mainstream popularity. But over the past few days, RME announced some pretty juicy details! Apparently, longtime friend of Frank Miller, Flint Dille, will be taking control of the design, scriptwriting, story generation, and production! Though specific plot points for the game have not been announced, RME did reveal the new innovative technology, The Unreal Engine 3 (so many dirty jokes, so little time), that will be used in development.

“The Unreal Engine is one of the most technically advanced engines on the market and is a perfect fit for our Sin City video games,” said Glenn Wong, president and COO for Red Mile. “The engine has powered several of the best-selling games of all time and I am very glad we have the opportunity to arm our developers with such a world-class product.”

Hopefully, between Dille and The Unreal Engine 3, The Girls of Old Town will be depicted properly as they kick ass, look good and take over Basin City.