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Slayer Announce Date for 'World Painted Blood'


Slayer has finally confirmed the official release date of World Painted Blood, the thrash legends' hotly-anticipated tenth studio album. In an official announcement Wednesday on their freshly-revamped website, the band also revealed the finalized track listing for the album, as well as some other crimson-drenched details that you can real about below the fold!

World Painted Blood is now slated for North American release on Tuesday, November 3rd (the rest of the world will actually get a hold of the album the previous day, lucky bastards). The album will likely be sold in many different formats, including a high-quality vinyl version (the band previously released the single Psychopathy Red on a bloody vinyl 'Record Store Day' edition in April), CDs with multiple covers, a CD/DVD combo and more. But the band was occupied all summer headlining the Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour, so they've only recently sat down to work out the packaging concept.

'We're so excited about World Painted Blood,' declared drummer Dave Lombardo, 'we wanted to do something special for the packaging, and have been working with some really cool ideas.' As those plans unfold, the band assures the fans that all the details will be posted first – and soon – on their toned-up official site.

'Recording this new album has been one of the greatest experiences we've had as a band,' Lombardo added. “We were together during the writing process more than we had been for past albums, we worked more collectively, everyone's suggestions and ideas were heard and considered, and that camaraderie is definitely heard in the new album.'