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Slayer Invites You to 'Play with Dolls' this Halloween

Phobia Friday: Pediophobia- Fear of dolls.

As the final hours count down to next Tuesday's release of Slayer's long-awaited album World Painted Blood, the band is offering a gory, twisted Halloween treat for their fans: starting at Midnight tonight, Slayer will be taking over MySpace Music for the entire weekend, and provide an exclusive online premiere of the entire 20-minute short film Playing With Dolls. Plenty more details below, so read on!

The innovative (and incredibly sick) semi-animated 12-chapter graphic novel Playing With Dolls will be offered as a bonus feature in the Deluxe Edition package of World Painted Blood... but for Halloween Weekend only, the band will take over MySpace's new music video homepage to show the short in its entirety.

Created by Metalocalypse artist Mark Brooks, Dolls is a fusion of comic book, animation and live-action formats, and delves into the dark, terrifying corridors of a serial killer's damaged psyche. The psychopath, who is described as “a creative snuff-artist,” is never named onscreen, but his inner motivations are unveiled for all to see... and illustrated in gory detail as he ramps up his killing spree.

To complete their MySpace Halloween invasion, Slayer will also be offering tons of new stuff for your viewing and listening pleasure, including several of their classic tracks and videos, behind-the-scenes footage from the making of World Painted Blood, and a few other diabolical surprises... so be sure to drop by MySpace Music and the new video site this weekend.