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'Sleepy Hollow' Poised to Take Over TVs Next Fall


Last week we told you that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci were shopping a modern-day Sleepy Hollow pilot to networks. Scarcely a day later, Fox ordered it as a put pilot, which all but guarantees it will be on the 2013-2014 TV schedule. A put pilot means that the network will air the pilot or incur enormous financial penalties. Hannibal and The Following both made it onto the 2012-2013 schedule as put pilots.

Not to be outdone, CW is in talks with the people behind ABC's Missing to make their own Sleepy Hollow series. Theirs is also a contemporary, "boundary-pushing horror story" about an FBI agent named Ichabod Crane who comes to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a gruesome beheading.

With Fox's project all but guaranteed to go, it will be interesting to see how far CW's project will go. In the last television development cycle, Beauty and the Beast had pilots at ABC and CW; only the CW's went to series. The difference is that the two Beauty and the Beasts were very different: one was a procedural and one was a romance. The two Sleepy Hollows have virtually identical loglines.

Source: Deadline