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News Article

Smile! YouTube Sensation 'Smiley' Comes to Theaters


YouTube star Michael Gallagher ("Totally Sketch") has gotten a theatrical release on his feature directorial debut, Smiley. Suffice it to say, Smiley is not a comedy.

An urban legend supposes that a killer named Smiley can be summoned through the internet. An emotionally fragile college student summons him and must decide if she is crazy or about to become his next victim. AMC Theaters has picked up Smiley for an exclusive 28-screen, 14-city run, with VOD and digital download release after the theatrical run.

"We are very proud to partner with AMC through the AMC independent program for the theatrical release of SMILEY. Nikkole and the entire AMC team have been tremendous partners in bringing the film to theaters, all across the nation. SMILEY is a truly independent film and AMC independent has created an unprecedented opportunity for filmmakers like myself to bring their films to mainstream audiences, without a middleman. This exciting partnership gives us the chance to deliver a thrilling, interactive moviegoing experience for the fans, just in time for Halloween," said director Gallagher. 

Smiley hits AMC Theaters on October 12th. For more info, visit