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Sneak a Peek at Halloween Horror Nights' 'Insidious' Maze With John Murdy and Leigh Whannell



One of the most popular Halloween events every year is Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Creative director John Murdy and his team always bring insane knowledge, decades of experience, and a true love of horror and Halloween to the event. This year, in celebration of James Wan’s Insidious: Chapter 2, the team has brought their first Insidious maze to life.

During a lights-on preview of the Insidious maze, Murdy and Insidious screenwriter Leigh Whannell told about the key to their creation: collaboration.

John Murdy:

“James [Wan] was at Horror Nights last year. I was upstairs and he actually called me from the La Llorona maze. I couldn’t hear a damn thing he was saying, but I knew it was James. What he later told me is that that maze had really inspired him, which I thought was really cool. It was really important for James to be involved, which, for us, is the ideal. We want to work directly with the individuals who created the movie. It is our job to bring their vision to life and do so with maniacal attention to detail. So we all got together at Blumhouse and just started kicking around ideas.”

Leigh Whannell:

“That first meeting was really interesting. John was saying that the mazes work with color, movement and sound. The world of Insidious is really quite quiet and supernatural. These guys had to find that middle ground, matching the world of Insidious to the visceral elements of like a Walking Dead maze.”

The Insidious maze takes visitors through both the first and second films. Enter the Lambert's home, peek into the children's rooms, sit in on a seance, and plunge into The Further. Just a little taste of what you can look forward to: