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News Article

Sneak a Peek at the New ZOMBI Album!

Celebrated among fans of Goblin-inspired synth-rock for their loving renditions of tunes which Claudio Simonetti and company might have made back in the late ‘70s but never quite got around to – sorry, that was kind of a weird sentence, but just stay with me here, folks – Pittsburgh indie band Zombi have staked out a hefty claim in the progressive rock community thanks to their supreme musicianship and dynamic live performances.

Word has quietly emerged from label Relapse Records that the band’s long-awaited (and oft-delayed) sequel to their hit 2006 release Surface to Air is scheduled to drop on February 3rd, but further details are still a bit sketchy at the moment. However, the band has posted retro-cool artwork (think the TriStar logo “Pegasus” replaced by a big-ass elephant) and preview clips from the new album – now titled Spirit Animal – on their official MySpace, with more announcements likely in the coming weeks.

Ye among you who loveth the mighty band swag, Relapse is taking preorders for a combo package of the new CD with a Zombi t-shirt, so be sure to check it out at their online store.