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News Article

Snikt! Activision Blizzard Reveals Their Upcoming Wolverine Game!

Like you didn’t see that one coming from a million miles away!  Leveraging those Marvel licenses they paid oh-so-handsomely for, as well as the development clout of their own Raven Software (who developed X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance), Activision Blizzard are crafting the obligatory tie-in game for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 

The game promises to be “an epic action-adventure featuring a true-to-character Wolverine gameplay experience that takes gamers through and beyond the movie's storyline,” and featuring ” lightning-quick combat, evasive maneuvers, in-depth combo attacks, and an array of brutal finishing moves.”  What they don’t say is whether or not it will suck as hard as X3: The Official Game.

The game is due out in May 2009 (the same as the movie, natch) for Xbox 360, Playstion 3, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2 and…gasp…PSP.  What, no Vectrex or Neo Geo support?