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Something to Be Thankful For: 'Blood Freak'


Oddly conservative thematically for a movie that includes a scene of a man getting his leg sawed off, Brad F. Grinter’s Blood Freak is really a cautionary tale about the evils of drugs and gluttony.

Poor Hershell should know better than to eat modified turkey meat to feed his drug habit. When he wakes up in the woods with a turkey head, he finds he is still addicted to the evil sticky-icky and now needs to feast on the blood of other addicts to satiate his addiction and never-ending case of the munchies.
But the turkey-man-killer has a moral bend and only gobbles the blood of bad, bad marijuana addicts. In the end it takes the love of a good woman, who loves the Lord, to slice off his head.

This movie makes so little sense at times that writer/director Brad F. Grinter is forced to narrate the action.

Watch the Blood Freak get baked. Save a leg for him.