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News Article

Something to Be Thankful For: Dinner with the 'Texas Chainsaw’s' Sawyer Family


Sometimes, Thanksgiving with the family can feel like torture, but it’s nothing compared to the table The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Sawyer family sets for Sally Hardesty.

This family knows how to make an impression. The rustic table is decorated for company, decked out with skulls, a human face lamp and a turkey head. Drayton, whose skill in the kitchen is renowned, has pulled out all the stops for their guest with a delicious plate of human sausages.

Despite the fact that they built their house and business on the bones and innards of their unfortunate victims, the Sawyers interact like any other American family around the table. The brothers, Drayton and Nubbins, have unresolved issues and are constantly bickering.  Following gender norms, the boys all gang up on the only girl at the table, taunting her and pulling her hair. Lacking in a motherly influence, the always -sensitive Leatherface is always willing to don an apron and take on a more womanly role.

But more than anything, the Sawyers just want to make Grandpa, the patriarch of the family, happy. What better way to do that than let him “carve the turkey,” so to speak? Watch him in action.