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Something to Be Thankful For: 'The Giant Claw'


Before Thanksgiving, before Thankskilling, before Q: The Winged Serpent there was The Giant Claw.

What’s The Giant Claw you ask? Oh, just a little film from the late ‘50s about a mutant killer bird that terrorizes the world. Technically, it may not be a turkey. But it looks A LOT like an oversized evil flying turkey made from clay and wires. The bird was reportedly created by puppeteers and filmed after all the live-action with humans had been filmed.  When you watch the movie you can see that is absolutely the case.

The plot goes something like this: Jet pilot Mitch and his nerdy girlfriend Sally struggle to find a way to defeat the oversized feathery fiend that, thanks to its natural anti-matter shield, can’t be killed with your average h-bomb. Turns out, all it takes is the empire state building and a meson emitter.  

The Giant Claw is the main reason I will be partaking in Tofurkey this holiday season. True story.

Screaming down from the stratosphere!