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News Article

Spicy Horse’s ‘Akaneiro: Demon Hunters’ Transplants Little Red Riding Hood to Feudal Japan


American McGee has built much of his post-DOOM career off of twisting fairy tales into distorted versions of our childhood memories.  American McGee’s Alice transplanted Lewis Carrol’s blue-dressed heroine down a very dark rabbit hole, and American McGee’s Grimm brought the famous fairy tales back to their wretched roots.  Now McGee and his team at Spicy Horse are giving their own twisted take on the legend of Little Red Riding Hood with the upcoming Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

Akaneiro is possibly the furthest departure for McGee for his usual formula, going not only free-to-play (one of the biggest trends in gaming recently) but also the most revisionist in its mythology modification.  Little Red Riding Hood is now more of a symbol of a group called the Red Hunters, who hunt demons in feudal Japan.  The look of the game sticks pretty firmly to the Japanese influence as well, cel-shading the graphics in thick, sumi-e ink lines.

There is no clear release date for the game, but if you visit the game’s official website you can sign up for a closed beta prior to the game’s release.  Given my love affair with McGee’s work over the years (Bad Day LA notwithstanding), this is a title to keep an eye on.