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'Splatterhouse' Reboot Brings the Metal!

The folks at Namco/Bandai have announced the final lineup of metal bands who will be contributing songs to the soundtrack for the long-awaited remake of the '88 horror videogame Splatterhouse – and I must say it's a pretty amazing list, including the likes of Mastodon, Lamb of God and Five Finger Death Punch, to name just a few. We've got the complete list below, so hit the jump and check it out!

Best remembered for its controversial violence back in the day, the classic '80s side-scroller now seems like kiddie stuff to jaded 21st-century horror gamers... but from the look of things, the developers of the new version were more than ready to get their hands wet. The game combines the original beat-em-up action with ultra-gory survival horror to continue the premise of an undead antihero battling his way through a haunted domain, driven by the power of the “terror mask.”

That said, what could possibly go better with rampant bloodletting than an explosion of extreme metal? Nothing, my friends, nothing at all. That's why it's no coincidence the game was promoted heavily at Revolver's Golden Gods Awards back earlier this year. But now, behold the complete list of tunes slated for this soundtrack:

The Accused – Pounding Nails
ASG – Dream Song
Cavalera Conspiracy – Must Kill
Five Finger Death Punch – Dying Breed
Goatwhore – Apocalyptic Havok
The Haunted – Hollow Ground
High On Fire – Fire, Flood & Plague
Invisible Enemies – Dead Eyes
Lamb Of God – Walk with Me in Hell
Mastodon – Blood and Thunder
Municipal Waste – Rigorous Vengeance
Mutant Supremacy – Morbid Dismemberment
Terrorizer – Dead Shall Rise
Wolfshirt – Headlong Into Monsters

These tracks will be mixed with an original score by Grammy-winning composer Howard Drossin, from which you can hear excerpts at the Splatterhouse official site along with plenty of screen grabs like the one shown here, plus a groovy (and age-restricted) “retro-trailer” comparing the original and new versions. Splatterhouse is scheduled to arrive on November 23rd for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.