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SpookhauS Launches New Site for Halloween


Last time we visited Vancouver-based musician, composer, author and all-around horror hellraiser SpookhauS, he was decking the halls with buckets of blood, courtesy of his holiday comic Satan Claws – a gory yuletide massacre that makes Silent Night, Deadly Night look like wholesome family viewing. That was some naughty good fun, of course... but naturally it's Samhain season that really brings out the beast in this multimedia "Artist of Darkness" – so to mark the occasion, he's launched an all-new website full of gruesome and groovy goodies. Hit the jump to dig a preview of the new SpookhauS of horrors!

Being a ghoul with a generous heart (kept healthy with blood sacrifices and sonic waves from his mad lab), SpookhauS regularly offers tons of free stuff for his fans and visitors. Last year he served up several hours' worth of audio downloads – everything from his own brutal brand of gothic rock and harsh industrial metal to creepy instrumental compositions and horror soundscapes. This year he's offering up to 100 free mp3s for your goodie bag, including the new party track "The Freaks Come Out On Halloween." In addition to the music giveaways, the revamped site (pun intended) offers photos, videos, artwork, online comics, news, interviews and much more.

By the way, if you haven't read Satan Claws – a splattery comic book collaboration between SpookhauS and acclaimed artist Rob Macabre – you can still get a jump on this holiday season by downloading issue 1 right here (note: definitely for adults only). The print version is scheduled to debut at the Vancouver Comic Convention on November 13th, so keep watch for more details on that release.

Now go check out the sinister sights and sounds over at