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SpookhauS Wants to Be Your VAMPIRE!


Vancouver-based Artist of Darkness – alias SpookhauS, also known as Bruce McRae Campbell (no relation to the big-chinned Deadite slayer as far as I know), has been working feverishly long nights his musical laboratory for quite a few years now, crafting nightmarish soundscapes for a variety of horror and occult-based media projects. He's got a new single out this week entitled “I Want to Be Your Vampire,” which promptly sank its sonic fangs into yours truly. Find out more on the flipside!

A purely horror-inspired artist, Campbell draws his musical influences from the darkest of the dark – combining the expected Gothic, industrial, black metal, death-rock and punk elements with vast orchestral arrangements, ambient, trip-hop and avant-garde electronics. His works have been put to evil use by well-established paranormal and occult groups, and have recently popped up in German-made horror flick Rain of Flesh. He's also supplied tracks like “The Monster” to promote sexed-up horror pinup site Ghoul Girls.

New single “Vampire” is a melange of old-school '80s Goth-club gloom and industrial mayhem, punctuated with chugging metal guitars and guttural vocals, peppered with samples from the classic 1931 version of Dracula. It's available for download via iSound, but I recommend you first stream it at the SpookhauS MySpace, because there's a lot of ghoulish goodies to be found there, including an awesome portrait by Vancouver artist Jordan Bent and a complete rundown of all the equipment used by the artist (a list which includes numerous synths, electronic percussion, classical guitar, mandolin and theremin). Plus there's plenty of cool tunes on his player that are well worth your time.