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News Article

Star Wars: The Musical! Wait, What?


No, I’m not kidding. Seriously, I double-checked. George Lucas has given his almighty crest of Ultimate Jedi Master-level approval to a stage production of Star Wars: A Musical Journey, allegedly the first-ever live musical event based on the Star Wars universe and characters.

It was confirmed today by E! that the show, set to premiere at London’s O2 Arena next April, will feature excerpts from John Williams’ classic scores, with clips from the film series projected in the background. (Earlier reports of line-dancing stormtroopers and singing Wookiees proved to be a joke… thanks be to the Force.) The show will then launch into a full European tour, accompanied by an exhibition of SW memorabilia including actual props and models from the films, some never before displayed for the public. No US tour has been announced yet, but chances are it’s forthcoming if the first go-round is a success.

Maybe I’m off-base here, but hearing about this just dredged up some repressed childhood memories triggered by that horrendous Star Wars Holiday Special...