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News Article

Step In to Neil Gaiman's First Video Game, 'Wayward Manor'


wayward manorYou've loved Neil Gaiman's books and comics and movies. I am guessing that you will love his first foray into video games, Wayward Manor.

Set in the 1920s, you play as a ghost whose peaceful afterlife is disrupted when the living move into your Victorian Gothic estate. Clearly, you have no other choice but to scare them away, using their fears and anxieties and your wits and creativity to get them to leave your house. The puzzle/adventure hybrid is expected to be released for PC, Mac, and tablets in fall 2013.

Can't wait? Well, there's not much you can do about that... except pre-order your game. There are many different "levels" of pre-order. $10 will get you a download of the game, an original song from the soundtrack, and a "thank you" on the website. For $10,000, you can have dinner with Gaiman himself at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles. There are lots of different pre-orders in between, with benefits like a digital art book, t-shirts, signed posters and lithographs, and an invite to the launch party. It's kind of like crowdfunding, except this project is 100% guaranteed to be delivered.

For more info, or to pre-order, visit