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Stephen King Mashups With Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, and More Comic Characters


We've covered "The Line It Is Drawn" columns before. Comic Book Resource will post a mashup question to Twitter, take suggestions from fans and followers, and have artists interpret the suggestions as pages from a comic book.

One of those mashups was to blend Stephen King stories with comic characters and the results are pretty awesome as you might imagine.

The Joker as It by Phillip Sevy

Deadpool in The Shining by Marco D'Alfonso

Mouse Guard and Pet Semetary by Sean MacFarland

Wonder Woman in The Langoliers by Steve Howard

Red Skull in "Apt Pupil" by Nick Perks

Harley and the Joker in Misery by Axel Medellin

Scarecrow in Children of the Corn by Michael Magtanong

For more Stephen King comic mashups, head over to Comic Book Resources.