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Stick a Straw In and Suck Up the Hi-C Horror Flavors



In 1987, Minute Maid forever changed the lives of horror fans when they added a flavor called Ecto Cooler to their Hi-C line of fruit juices, a tie-in with the cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters.  The juice box emblazoned with the image of loveable Ghostbusters character Slimer, the drink itself was flavored orange but colored green, allowing kids to feel like they were sucking up liquified Slimer through a straw, but pleasing their taste buds with a much more appealing flavor than Ectoplasm.

Though Ecto Cooler hasn't been seen on store shelves for over 10 years now, it's still to this day one of the most beloved products to ever enter our lives, fondly remembered by those who were lucky enough to experience it, and hands down one of the most nostalgia inducing relics of all time.  In fact, Ghostbusters fans have for years been trying to perfect the formula to make their own DIY version of the drink, unable to rest until that sweet tangerine taste touches their lips one more time.

Given the recent return of General Mills' Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy cereals, it seems like anything is possible right now on the Halloween front, and with fan demand at an all time high, I quite frankly wouldn't be surprised to see Ecto Cooler return to shelves at some point in the not too distant future.  Wishful thinking?  Perhaps.  But if the Brute and the Mummy taught us anything this year, it's that anything is possible.

Cliff over at The Holidaze blog was recently struck with this same thought, daydreaming about the return of the most beloved juice drink ever created by man.  But Cliff went even one step further in his daydreaming, imagining a world where Minute Maid not only brought back Ecto Cooler, but also added a bunch of new horror inspired flavors to their Hi-C line.  

Much like the recent collaborations between myself and artist Frank Browning, over on my blog Freddy In Space, Cliff decided to take matters into his own hands and bring the tasty idea to life, since he knew it was something that would never actually happen.  And thus, the Hi-C Horror Flavors were born, a medley of delicious juices inspired by horror films like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Trick 'r Treat.

Check out the clever concoctions he came up with, which are guaranteed to leave you salivating for more!

It's all holidays all the time over on The Holidaze, whether Cliff's talking Easter or Christmas, and you can be sure that he's got a whole lot more Halloween fun in store for ya through the big day.  So be sure to keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks, and all year long for that matter!

Which Hi-C Horror Flavor would you most like to taste?  Comment below and let us know!