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News Article

Strange Triangular Object Discovered on the Moon


Object on moon

Conspiracy theories.  Everyone has one.  And though most of them are likely the result of people looking way too far into things that have simple and totally normal explanations, you kinda can't help but be fascinated by them.

The NY Daily News reports that an amateur researcher spotted the mysterious object you see in the image above, while he was poking around last week on Google Moon - an incredible service that allows you to view satellite images of the surface of our moon.  Black and triangular in shape, the large unidentified object is lined with seven dots along its edges, which appear to be a row of lights.  The man, who goes by the YouTube handle 'wowforreeel,' firmly believes that what you're looking at is the home base of some sort of alien lifeform.  "I found nothing else like it in any of the other craters," he says.

Furthermore, he claims that the object is very similar to a hole that was recently discovered in Antarctica, suggesting a widespread conspiracy theory and impyling that aliens are indeed among us.  Is he just looking way too far into things?  Or is this so-called 'researcher' onto something?  Check out video of the find below, and decide for yourself.