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News Article

Stressed Out for the Holidays? Wumpscut Sez F**KIT!

Last-minute shopping got ya down? Then take a cue from Bavarian aggro-tech artist Wumpscut (aka Rudy Ratzinger), and just say F**KIT! The digital release of the album by that name is now available online.

Wumpscut's new album is available through Rudy’s website, The incredibly prolific electro wizard has also recently kicked off a remix contest, with downloadable files available at his website for those with a penchant for dark noise arts interested in taking a crack at their own demented version. The contest only goes through the end of December, so get in there and rip stuff up now in order to get a chance to hear your remix included on the forthcoming special edition (due next April) appropriately titled the “F**kitBox.”

In a side note, the swag-savvy Ratzinger also recently launched an all-new product line to promote the album, including official F**KIT Condoms… an item I’d consider oddly appropriate.

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