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Stuff It! Five Freaky Film Feasts

Thanksgiving is upon us and for most people, that means stuffing your face until you feel sick, burping, and stuffing yourself some more. For the calorie-conscious, it can be a difficult time of year. These five feasts may just be gross enough to keep you from having that second piece of pie. Maybe.

Blood Feast

The granddaddy of them all, H.G. Lewis's Blood Feast was the flick that kicked off the gore genre. The "blood feast" of title was to be a "traditional" Egyptian feast catered by Fuad Ramses of Exotic Catering. While Ramses is caught before the feast comes to fruition, the entire film's focus is on getting to that feast, so as far as I'm concerned, that counts. And what exactly does it take to make a blood feast? Brains, legs, arms, chunks of face, an eyeball or two, and of course, the tongue. In an infamous scene, Ramses cuts the tongue from a pretty coed's mouth (in actuality it is a lamb's tongue from the mouth of an actress who was chosen because her mouth was big enough to hold the lamb's tongue).

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

One of the most well-known scenes in horror film history is the Sawyer dinner scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Heroine Sally wakes from unconsciousness to find she has been bound and forced to partake in the Sawyer's version of family dinner. In addition to the torture and torment the Sawyer maniacs inflict on Sally, one of the most famous behind-the-scenes anecdotes says that while filming the scene, the temperature was upwards of 100 degrees with a high humidity. There was no air conditioning in the farmhouse set, and real dead animals were used as set dressing. Actress Marilyn Burns didn't really have to act like she was being tortured.


While nowhere near the cinematic classic that is Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal goes for the gusto - or, rather, disgust-o. The most infamous scene from the flick features Anthony Hopkins's Dr. Lecter giving Clarice (Julianne Moore) a quick lesson on the human brain - by dissecting Paul's (Ray Liotta)... then feeding it to the unsuspecting test subject. 


Before Peter Jackson made big-budget fare like Lord of the Rings or utter shit like King Kong, he made fabulous low-budget splatter comedies. Timid mamma's boy Lionel is so devoted to his mother that when she gets bitten by a monkey and turns into a zombie, Lionel does his best to care for her. When guests come to dinner, no meal can be considered complete until dessert is served - even if Mommy dearest is literally decomposing into the custard.


This disturbing J-horror from Takashi Miike is about a man who, after his wife dies, holds "auditions" for a new one. Unfortunately, the new one turns out to be, well, crazy. In this scene, crazy would-be wife Asami vomits into a bowl, then makes a man she mutilated lap it up like a dog.