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News Article

Summit Unleashes Chase Novak’s 'Breed'


The description “bloodthirsty savages” always sounds promising, so the news that Summit has acquired the rights to adapt Chase Novak’s story Breed is very exciting.

The twisted family tale follows the story of a couple who undergo an experimental fertility treatment that turns them into bloodthirsty savages, leading them on a desperate quest to find a cure.

It’s no secret that Chase Novak is writer Chris Spencer’s pseudonym, and Chris Spencer has penned more than his fair share of novels that have been successfully adapted to film, including Endless Love and Waking the Dead.

Burr Steers, the man behind Charlie St. Cloud and 17 Again, will write and direct. According to the NY Times, "... Breed is just the first installment. Mr. Spencer has said that Brood will come next."

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