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Sundance 2010: Bits 'n Pieces – Day 2

Friday at Sundance, the Butcher Bros. got a new gig while midnight crowds loved Tucker & Dale and Natali’s new feature, Splice.

My Twitter feed was aflutter all of Friday with the comings and goings (and raves and pans) of the filmmakers and bloggers in Park City who hit the ground running on the second official day of Sundance. Friday also marked the beginning of the Slamdance Film Festival, the spunky little sibling festival that also takes place this week across town. Check out the juiciest rants and raves, comings and goings, deal announcements and celebrity sightings of the day, and send a little karma to the poor folks whose trips to Park City have been their own personal version of Frozen – cold, wet, and filled with snowy setbacks.

The Butcher Brothers Sign Up for Black Sunset
Their rockabilly biker flick The Violent Kind is slated to world premiere in the Park City at Midnight section this Monday at Sundance, so it’s a perfect time to announce that directing duo The Butcher Brothers (AKA Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores) have signed on to their next film, Black Sunset. The premise, according to THR: “Sunset will follow seven friends on a surf trip to Mexico that turns into something that these jaunts often tend to in horror films: a gory, betrayal-filled nightmare.”


IndiePix “Pix” Up All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
Gordon and the Whale reports some exciting news for fans of Chicago post-rock outfit Califone, whose front man Tim Rutili directed the independent supernatural story All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, about a fortune teller (May star Angela Bettis) whose only friends are the ghosts who live in her house. IndiePix will distribute the film theatrically and on home video/new media, although the only solid date so far is a DVD release on April 13, 2010. Fun extra: All My Friends Are Funeral Singers shares its title with the 2009 album of the same name by Califone, who contributes music to the film.


The Scenesters Sells Out at Slamdance, But You Can Watch It… on Xbox 
Slamdance opened Friday by selling out a screening of one of its only genre titles, a quirky murder mystery about a serial killer who targets Los Angeles hipsters. (In my book, that’s called a public service.) But thanks to an innovative deal with Microsoft, of all corporate conglomerates, Todd Berger’s The Scenesters will be available to view starting January 27 right in the comfort of your own home – if you have a Zune or Xbox LIVE, that is. For seven days, this and three additional Slamdance titles can be “rented” at the price of 600-800 “Microsoft points,” which is a lot cheaper than booking a trip to Park City.

Kenya’s First Sci-Fi Film Looks Awesome
According to, the Kenyan short film Pumzi is the first science fiction film to come out of the African nation’s budding filmmaking community.  That is pretty cool, in theory. But take a look at Pumzi’s trailer and you’ll wish even more that you were at Sundance on Friday to see it – crisp, dystopian landscapes, hot bald chicks, and pretty slick visuals. Watch the trailer:

7 Days Debuts at Sundance; Watch it On Demand Right Now!
The French-language revenge flick 7 Days had built incredible buzz before premiering Friday at Sundance (it’s about a father who kidnaps and tortures the man who raped and killed his daughter – fun!) but reaction has been mixed; on the one hand, Neil Miller of Film School Rejects lauded its “brutal imagery the likes of which I have not seen since The Passion of the Christ.” On the other, Luke Y. Thompson of Geek Week found it occasionally laughable and too wannabe artsy for its own good. Decide for yourself, because for the next 60 days, 7 Days is available to watch on demand in the warmth and comfort of your own home! (Beats standing in lines like these.)

Hitchcock lives in Double Take
Fans of old Alfred H., take note of the Sundance entry Double Take, a documentary-fiction hybrid with one heckuva concept to wrap your head around: what if 1962 Alfred Hitchcock met his doppelganger from the year 1980, and only one could survive a la Highlander? Head over to HitFix to read Dan Fienberg’s review for more.

Bloggers Heart Splice, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Sundance programming this year is especially drool-worthy, packed with a very promising array of genre and horror flicks that we can’t wait to see. Naturally, festival programmers opened their Midnight series with a bang by screening both the horror-comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (starring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine) and Vincenzo Natali’s creature feature Splice (starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley) Friday at the stroke of midnight. We’ll let the Tweets of our favorite bloggers do the talking.

“Vincenzo Natale is officially 4 for 4. Splice is six flavors of twisted.” – Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

“If a studio picks up Splice and markets it right, it could end up as big of a hit as Paranormal Activity, it has that potential.” – Alex Billington, First Showing

“Splice goes into some pretty fucked up territory. Enjoyed it.”  - Eric Vespe, Ain’t It Cool News

“Tucker & Dale vs. Evil was a fucking riot. Labine and Tudyk are relentlessly funny. Looking forward to writing my review.” – Neil Miller, Film School Rejects

“Tucker and Dale vs. Evil was great. Comedy horror with a big debt owed to Evil Dead. Great stuff.” – Kevin Kelly, Cinematical


Movie Swag for Horror Folks: Frozen Lip Balm
Sundance is almost as much about the cool stuff you pick up as it is about the movies, snow, and whether or not Paris Hilton is in town. Thanks to FEARnet’s very own Scott Weinberg, we’ve got a glimpse of some savvy movie marketing from the folks behind Frozen. Because if you’re going to get stuck on a ski lift during snowstorm season, you’ll want a tube of Chapstick.