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News Article

'Supernatural' Spawns!


Not content with dominating TV, books, comics, and magazines, Supernatural is getting its own spin-off in the form of a webseries.

Ghostfacers, based on the fan-favorite characters that appeared in season 1's "Hell House" episode and season 3's "Ghostfacers" episode, will start as three 10-minute episodes that will run on and  According to Variety, the webseries will follow the Ghostfacers as they investigate haunted happenings, shot documentary-style.  A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester will return as the Ghostfacers, and will also be writing the webisodes.  Supernatural executive producers McG, Peter Johnson, Jeff Grosvenor, Eric Kripke, and Phil Sgriccia will also be execing on Ghostfacers.