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News Article

SXSW 2011: Bits n' Pieces - Day 1


The big buzz out of Austin today is Source Code, the Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle in which he is part of a government experiment to get zapped into the body of a train passenger eight minutes before a deadly crash.  It seems antithetical to the spirit of SXSW, which was built on an indie underground, but reviews seem to be positive, though some reservations have been expressed.

The Hollywood Reporter, for example, calls it an "intriguing if unbelievable sci-fi piece that quickens the pulse even if you don't completely buy into the set-up." Unfortunately, reports that there was a "heated scuffle" in the bathroom at the screening when a fan tried to take a photo of Gyllenhaal at an "inopportune time."

Little Deaths, a horror anthology flick about sex and death, is getting some good buzz.  The general consensus is that it is dark, it is disturbing, and it is well worth it if you are not easily offended.  Read the FEARnet review of Little Deaths.

The True Blood marketing panel went on today.  The Truebies seemed to love it, but there hasn't been much by way of coverage.  A good rundown of the event can be found on a website called