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SXSW Midnighter Series Delivers on ‘Cheap Thrills’, 'Haunter'


Splice director Vincenzo Natali’s new supernatural tale Haunter was just picked up by IFC Midnight for distribution after showing at South By Southwest. Haunter is written by Brian King who also wrote Night Train and Cypher, and stars Abigail Breslin as a teenage girl who is forced to relive the day she died.

"It's not just King's deftly-layered and slyly contorted screenplay or Jon Joffin's frankly beautiful cinematography that makes Haunter such an interesting little 'throwback' thriller. Natali and editor Michael Doherty seem intent on playing games with their viewers, and only those who have a lot of experience with haunted house movies will be able to glean a few early clues," Scott Weinberg said in his review from SXSW.

Read the full FEARnet review of Haunter here.

In other SXSW news, Cheap Thrills also premiered as part of the Midnighter series to great reviews and it was scooped up by Drafthouse Films and Snoot Entertainment for U.S. distribution.

Directed by E.L. Katz the film stars Pat Healy (Compliance), David Koechner (Anchorman 2), Sara Paxton (The Innkeepers), Ethan Embry (Empire Records), and was written by Trent Haaga (Deadgirl) and David Chirchirillo. Healy stars as “as a recently fired father facing eviction who agrees to take on an escalating series of insane challenges in exchange for cash payments from a rich couple with a twisted sense of humor.”

“Suffice to say that Cheap Thrills has a few novel twists stuck up its sleeve, and a few of them are quite memorably unpleasant,” Scott Weinberg said in his FEARnet review from SXSW.  Read the entire review here.

Check out the Cheap Thrills poster below:

Cheap Thrills