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Take a Bite Out of This Bloody Lollipop Recipe



Vampire Blood lollipop recipeYet another sucker for Sookie to love …

Definitely not for kiddies, these Vampire Blood Lollis are inspired by all things gore-filled and delicious. The simple recipe is perfect for your next True Blood watching party, or any old time you're looking for a killer treat. It comes from the TissuePapers blog where FEARnet also found Freddy Krueger’s favorite dessert.
The lollipops appear to have just a drop of blood coagulated inside. But as any of our friends from Bon Temps will tell you, one drop is all you need. Try not to get hooked.

Recipe below.

Makes about 12 lollipops 

2 cups sugar
2/3 cup light corn syrup
red food coloring
white lollipops stick - you can find them at your local craft store.
You can even add flavor oils like peppermint or strawberry if you like.

Vampire Lollipop recipeStep 1

Bring sugar, corn syrup, and 1/4 cup water to a boil in a small saucepan, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved completely. If you have a candy thermometer it will register 300 degrees to 310 degrees (hard-crack stage), 5 to 7 minutes.

While the sugar is boiling lay out your lollipop sticks onto a silicon baking mat ( I put my baking mat onto a cookie sheet to make it easier to move around and a nice hard level surface).

Step 2

Once you have placed your lollipop sticks down - Fill a larger pot with ice water. When your sugar mixture is ready - 300 degrees to 310 degrees, immediately set the pan into ice-water bath to stop the cooking (syrup will steam vigorously - be careful of the steam); let sit about 25 seconds. Swirl pan 1 minutes more to cool - it while still be bubbling, that's OK.

final vampire lollipopsStep 3

Working very quickly, pour syrup onto the silicon baking sheets, forming circles (2 to 31/2 inches in diameter) and spacing pours about 3 inches apart - then press in lollipop sticks. I went very randomly - wherever there was space I made a lollipop.

The fun part:
With the red food coloring - squirt a few drops in to each lollipop (I would do one at a time to make it easier to work with), using one of the lollipop sticks drags the stick through some of the food coloring to get the desired look for the "blood". I add a few more drops to the blood coagulated look.
Let stand for about 5 - 10 minutes for the sugar to harden completely.