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Take a Bite Out of These Teeth Shoes


Shoes are trying to eat me! Apparently the new trend in freaky footwear is to use teeth. Not paintings of teeth, but actual teeth (or reasonable facsimiles of.) First, there were these men's Oxfords made by the design team of fantich&young which are soled with 1,050 teeth (from dentures, not extracted teeth) including a couple of gold teeth. From Laughing Squid:

Then, earlier today, the women's version popped up on Boing Boing. Origin is unknown, but for my sanity I would like to believe that these teeth also come from dentures, not bleeding gums.

Two things I have learned from these pairs of shoes. Number one: it is more important than ever to avoid being trampled. Number two: don't forget to floss.

Bonus! This photo was taken in 1946 in an Indian dentures shop... or from my nightmare last week. 


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