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Take a Look at the ‘Alone in the Dark HD’ That Could Have Been


Atari’s bankruptcy stings for a variety of reasons, but we’ve got a new one to add to the list: prior to their financial doom, the company had started work on a remake of the classic Alone in the Dark, the proto-horror PC game that all but gave us Resident Evil.  Not a crappy reboot like Alone in the Dark 5, but a almost pixel-perfect remake of the gothic/Lovecraftian classic.

This was discovered by Kotaku, who found the video below hidden in the portfolio of designer Guillaume Colomb.  The short walkthrough should be a very familiar experience to early-90’s PC gamers, complete with weird mutant werewolves, zombies, and the once-dapper Edward Carnby (whose HD visage looks like King Diamond without makeup) fighting off both of them while solving occult puzzles.  It’s not as subtle an update as some HD remakes, but given the original’s looks, I can’t imagine that would have gone over too well.

There are a few unfinished textures and whatnot (this was a WIP) but it’s a bittersweet look at what could have been coming to consoles and PC had Atari not succumbed to their money troubles.