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Take a Peek Inside Turkmenistan's 'Door to Hell'


Legend has it that in certain locations around the world, there exist entrances to the underworld, oftentimes described as Gates of Hell.  Italian master of gore Lucio Fulci explored this idea in his 'Gates of Hell trilogy' - comprised of City of the Living Dead, The Beyond and House by the Cemetery - but could there actually be some truth to these myths and legends?  Hold off on answering that question, until you see the horrors that await you over in Turkmenistan...

Story goes that a team of Soviet scientists were looking for natural gas reserves in the Central Asian country in 1971, setting up a drilling platform that collapsed and left a 230-foot-wide crater in the middle of the desert.  Though no lives were lost in the accident, the hole in the ground released large quantities of methane gas into the air, and the scientists decided to prevent the release of further poisonous gases by setting fire to the crater.  The idea was that the flames would burn away the gases, and the scientists believed the fire would last only a couple days.

That was over 40 years ago.  And the fire is still burning.

Door to Hell

Locals have dubbed the flaming hot crater the 'Door to Hell,' and hundreds of tourists visit the location every year.

One of the so-called Gates of Hell?  Or just a bizarre natural phenomena?  I'll let you decide!