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News Article

Tara Cardinal Hosts Red-Carpet Fundraiser in Los Angeles

Actress Tara Cardinal (Zombie Massacre, Bite Nite) has organized a red carpet event in Los Angeles to support Star Paws Rescue. Star Paws rescues abandoned, injured, and "death row" dogs and finds them forever homes. Held at Dark Delicacies in Burbank on February 18th, the event will include a raffle, a food drive, and some awesome celebrity guests. Sadly, no dogs will be there, but check out the celebs who will be there, signing swag and taking pictures.

ADRIAN PAUL actor - [Highlander, Tracker, Eyeborgs]

BILLY BOYD actor [Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Pippin, Stone of Destiny, Master & Commander, Pimp]

UWE BOLL director   (In the Name of the King 1 & 2, Bloodrayne 1-4, Rampage, Attack on Darfur, Auschwitz, Postal, Alone in the Dark)

HO-SUNG PAK actor/martial arts Hall of Famer (Drunken Master, WMAC Masters, Last Airbender) 

SPENCER LOCKE actress [Resident Evil:Extinction & Afterlife,  Cougar Town, Monster House]

CLINT HOWARD actor (The Dilemma, Frost/Nixon, Halloween, The Waterboy, Apollo 13, Cocoon, The Jungle Book)

CAROLINE WILLIAMS actress (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Halloween 2, Days of Thunder) 

PALAK PATEL producer  ( Snow White and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland)

STEVEN SEARS producer/creator  (Xena Warrior Princess, Sheena, Swamp Thing) 

GARY GRAHAM actor   (Alien Nation, Star Trek Enterprise) 

RILEAH VANDERBILT actress/producer (Frozen, The Guild, Team Unicorn) 

CLEVE HALL      fx genius (Monster Man)

ROBBIE LAUGHLIN host/actor [queer eye for the straight girl, Another Gay movie, $100 makeover]

MARC & ELAINE ZICREE writers/producers [ Sliders, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek: New Voyages] 

MICHAEL WALLACH talent manager /Author:  How to get Arrested

For all the latest info on the event, visit the official Facebook page.