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News Article

Tarantula Terrorizes Town in Hilarious Halloween Prank


There's perhaps no Halloween scare prank that's more effective and yet so very simple than the 'Spider Drop' prank.  All you've gotta do is head out to your local Halloween shop, pick up a fake spider, attach a string to it, and voila... you've got everything you need to give someone the fright of their life.

While typically the kind of prank that's reserved for siblings, parents and teachers, one man decided to go bigger - and unleash the fake dropping tarantula on the unsuspecting masses.  A hilarious video that user AllBuggedOut uploaded over on shows the fruits of his labor; a minute-long montage of businessmen, joggers and various innocent citizens falling prey to one of the most classic Halloween pranks of all time.  Their trick is your treat, which you can enjoy below!



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