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News Article

Television Tourniquet: ‘Supernatural' Episode 5.10


"Abandon All Hope…"
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: Philip Sgriccia
Original Airdate: 19 November 2009

In This Episode…

It's time to go kill Lucifer.  Well, almost.  Cas tracks down Crowley – who has the Colt needed to kill Lucifer – but sends the guys in to get it because Crowley's house is covered with protective symbols.  Turns out, getting the gun wasn't too difficult.  Crowley wants the Winchester boys to nail Lucifer, if only for his own survival.  Lucifer plans to wipe out the demons once he wipes out humanity, and Crowley has no interest in that.

The whole team is back together: Dean, Sam, Cas, Ellen, and Jo, with Bobby sitting by the phone.  They head into a town in Missouri, and upon arriving, Cas sees the town is lousy with reapers, just standing and waiting quietly.  They only do that when a great catastrophe is about to hit.  Cas goes looking for Lucifer, but Lucifer finds him first and traps him in a circle of fire.

The rest of the crew run into Meg, who has brought her Hellhounds along.  One of them attacks Jo, and the crew holes up in a hardware store.  Jo is bleeding badly.  With few options left, the group builds a few bombs.  The guys exit out the roof, and the girls let the Hellhounds in and blow the building up.

Sam and Dean head to a farm which Bobby tells them was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war.  They find Lucifer there, with a third of the townspeople turned into demons – the rest of them have already been killed and buried in a mass grave.  Sam confronts Lucifer while Dean sneaks up behind him and shoots the devil in the face with the Colt.  Lucifer goes down, but only for a moment.  (You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?)  Lucifer continues with his ceremony.  He's summoning Death.  The Angel of Death.  The guy who, according to Bobby, hasn't been called since "Noah built an ark."

Dig It or Bury It?

2012 this isn't.  This was a very serious episode, and I tend to prefer the more humorous episodes.  They tend to be more lively, more interesting, and more creative.  This episode, however, did a pretty good job of being interesting – if talky – but the end was severely anti-climactic.  It felt like a Seinfeld: the guys go to kill Lucifer, yadda yadda yadda, the end of days is here.  The last scene of the fourth act was a close-up on Lucifer as he finishes his ritual, a shadow falls on his face, and he says "Hello Death."  After the commercial break, the denouement sees the guys back with Bobby, looking sadly at a photo of their fallen team, while news reports play in the background of catastrophic twisters touching down in, I assume, Missouri.  Roll credits.  So that ending was pretty lame...

And Crowley?  Really?  Subtlety was obviously on vacation in Maui when they were naming that character.

Sibling Rivalry

The boys played nice this episode.  As they were getting ready to confront Lucifer, Dean asks Sam if he has any last words.  He doesn't.  But they shared a look like, "Nothing more needs to be said."

Blood Brothers

Jo's wounds from the invisible Hellhounds were pretty severe, and we got more than an eyeful of her gushing wound – a wound Jo described as "my intestines being held together with an Ace bandage."  And even though you didn't see any carnage, both Ellen and Jo blew up in a great explosion.

My favorite part, though, was when Cas was still trapped in his ring of fire.  He telekinetically made a large pipe pull off the wall and knock Meg into the ring with him.  When he couldn't do his fancy mind-meld thing, he pushed Meg onto the fire and used her screaming, twitching body as a bridge to freedom.  Rock on.

Spooky Humor

This was a completely humorless episode.  Dean tried to make a couple cracks, but even he knew it was pointless.  I expected more from you, Ben Edlund!


The show is now on winter hiatus – which means we won't get a new episode before the new year.  But it looks like the fun and games might be over, and the rest of the season will be hardcore apocalypse-focused.