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News Article

Television Tourniquet: ‘Supernatural' Episode 5.5


Phobia Friday: Phasmophobia - FEAR of ghosts

"Fallen Idol"
Written By: Julie Siege
Directed By:  Jim Conway
Original Airdate: 8 October 2009


In This Episode…

The brothers head out to Canton, Ohio, when they hear a guy got into a head-on collision in a parked car.  The victim was found dead in what he believed to be the car James Dean died in (the guys later discovered it was merely a copy).  But when another man in town is mysteriously shot in the head and his housekeeper swears it was Abraham Lincoln, Sam and Dean definitely have to investigate.


It would appear that dead celebrities are killing their super fans, so the brothers visit the Canton Wax Museum – where else would dead celebrities and their fans meet?  In talking to the curator, they discover that he has made sure each and every exhibit is dressed with a personal effect of the celebrity: Lincoln's hat, James Dean's keychain, Gandhi's glasses, FDR's iron lung – to name a few.  Sneaking back into the museum late at night, Sam is left alone while Dean goes to find James Dean's keychain.  Sam is attacked from behind by… Gandhi.  Who knew that Gandhi could fight?  He can – he is small and spidery, like a ninja.  Dean comes back but is no match for Ghost Gandhi.  He grabs the spectacles off the was figure and sets them alight.  Ghost Gandhi disappears in a poof of smoke, and all is quite once again.

But of course, that isn't the end.  The guys are about to leave town when they hear of another incident – this time a teenaged girl is kidnapped… by Paris Hilton (who plays herself).  This incident rules out a ghost.  Sam fakes his way into the coroner's office and pulls odd-looking seeds from the bellies of the first two victims.  Research links the seeds to Leshi, a pagan god that was said to have protected a forest in Eastern Europe and feed on the faith of his followers.  The only way to kill Leshi is by cutting off his head with an iron axe.

Sam and Dean head back to the wax museum, where they find the kidnapped girl tied to a tree.  Paris Hilton pops out and starts beating the crap out of the brothers, knocking Dean unconscious with a kick to his head with the heel of her Louboutin.  When they come to, they are tied to trees as well.  Dean breaks free first, and beats up on Paris, but she totally whomps him.  Sam breaks free as well, grabs the axe, and decapitates the skank.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was easily the best so far this season.  The stand-alone episodes usually are.  It was weird, it was quirky, it was really gory, and who wouldn't enjoy seeing Paris Hilton decapitated?  In Paris's "before I kill you" villain monologue, she gets a little preachy, going off on how "back in my day" people worshipped gods; nowadays, celebrities are their gods.  It was very heavy-handed, an obvious message that was beaten into your skull in case you are a little dense, but other than that, the episode was great.

Sibling Rivalry

Sam walks into the motel while Dean is talking smack about him on the phone with Bobby.  When Sam asks about their "fresh start," Dean tells him this is as fresh as it gets.  Just before they go investigate the teenager's disappearance, they get into it again – Sam is desperate to be treated like an equal.  But by the end of the episode, they make up.  Dean agrees to not spend forever blaming his brother for starting the apocalypse – who knew that killing Lilith would be a bad thing?  Dean even lets his little bro drive.

Blood Brothers

What a beautifully violent episode.  It opens with a guy's head being split almost in half by the windshield of a Porsche.  Lincoln shoots his victim in the head, and though we don't see it, we do see a beautiful splatter of blood across a framed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation.  And finally, the delight of seeing a decapitated Paris Hilton wiggling and twitching in a pool of her own blood.


I can't be certain if the preview was one specifically geared towards next week, or if it is an arc for the whole season.  But it looks like the guys are going channel surfing, getting caught in various scenarios like a classic sitcom, a wacky Japanese game show, a medical drama, and a police drama.  But then there is also something with a woman who is carrying a half-demon, half-human baby that scares the shit out of Cas.  Seems like a lot to jam into just one episode.