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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.14


Supernatural 5.14
My Bloody Valentine
Written by: Ben Edlund
Directed by: Mike Rohl
Original Airdate: 11 February 2010

In This Episode...
A couple on their first date end the evening with an awkward kiss that leads to the two of them kissing each other passionately, until they literally eat each other to death.  Another couple - dating only a few weeks - enter into a suicide pact so they would never be apart.  When Cas and the Winchester boys examine the corpses, they discover that all the hearts have been marked by Cupid.  After confronting the cherub (in this case, an immature, naked, middle-aged man), they determine Cupid wasn’t behind this.

When a man who had had gastric bypass surgery literally stuffs himself to death with Twinkies, a new theory comes to life.  Another horseman of the apocalypse, Famine, has rolled in to town.  Famine, in this case, is a disgusting old man in a wheelchair, surrounded by a fleet of demon secret service agents.  Whether it is food, sex, love, attention, or drugs, whatever you hunger, Famine will cause you to indulge it to death.  Then he eats your soul.  Cas’s hunger - or that of the body he inhabits - is meat.  Sam’s is, of course, demon blood.  But Dean doesn’t hunger for anything.  He theorizes it is because he always indulges his cravings, but Famine tells him it is because he is dead inside.

Dean and Cas lock Sam in the motel while they track down Famine to cut off the ring that gives him his power.  Famine’s minions free Sam, who instantly drains them of blood and goes to confront Famine.  Famine is pleased to see Sam, and promises that he is the exception to the rule: he can drink demon blood and never die.  Famine offers up his demon fiends to Sam.  Rather than drinking them, he turns them into thick clouds of black smoke.  Not wanting to let the souls go to waste, Famine eats them.  Sam is not powerful enough to control a horseman, but he can control the demons Famine just consumed.  Their souls tear Famine apart from the inside out, and the town is released from the hunger that overwhelmed them.

Dig It or Bury It?
A great, delightfully bizarre and wonderfully gruesome episode.  Famine was truly disturbing, a frail, decimated old man with bad teeth and an oxygen feed.  Watching people eat themselves to death is far more disgusting than any chainsaw attack - except for Cas, who made chain-eating almost funny.  My favorite part was easily the couple that ate each other to death - and it is not because it freaked my husband out.  It was just so wonderfully yuck.

Spooky Humor
Dean: “How many burgers have you had today?”
Cas: “I lost count.  But it’s in the low hundreds.”

Blood Brothers
Alice and Russell are on a first date when the hunger takes them over.  They are kissing so passionately it is as if they are going to eat each other’s faces off.  Then they do.  Alice starts with a chunk out of Russell’s neck.  He digs it, and returns the favor.  Next thing you know, the two of them are half naked, ripping off chunks of thigh and stomach.  When Sam questions Alice’s roommate later on, she says that when she found them, Alice was already dead, and Russell nearly was - he was still chewing.

Sibling Rivalry
Sam is concerned when Dean decides not to go on the prowl on Valentine’s Day, or as he calls it, “Unattached Drifter’s Christmas.”  For the first time ever, Dean is also not hungry, leading to further alarm.  These un-Dean traits are never fully explained, but I think you are supposed to assume it is the opposite of famine to him.  You know, since he is dead inside and all.

Supernatural is on hiatus until March, but one word ought to keep you on pins and needles until then: ZOMBIES!