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News Article

Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.15


Supernatural 5.15
"Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: John Showalter
Original Airdate: 25 March 2010 

In This Episode....

The Winchesters head out to South Dakota - not far from Bobby - to investigate reports of the dead crawling from their graves.  Bobby insists that there is nothing demonic about the living dead  - in fact, they seem to be returning to their old lives.  He finally must admit to the boys that he is lying - all the signs point to another horseman.  But he was protecting his wife, Karen, who was one of the risen dead.

Sam and Dean are mystified that the dead have risen, yet seem to be wholly normal. Dean sticks with Bobby to protect him from Karen - just in case - while Sam investigates the list of other zombies.  He comes upon old Mrs. Jones, the first to rise, and the first to go bad.  With lesions on her skin, hair falling out, coughing, wheezing, spitting, she was turning into the slavering ghoul we think of when you say "zombie."  Seems that after about a week topside, the zombies rot.

The boys split up again.  Though Bobby doesn't want any "help" with Karen, Dean still goes back to protect his friend.  Sam must recruit the Sheriff (whose young son was among those back from the grave) to the side of the living.  By the time Dean gets to Bobby, he has already shot his wife (for the second time).  He does not have time to mourn, for Bobby's house has become a set from a Romero film.  Out of ammo, the two hide in a closet, but the lock will not stop the zombies.  Luckily, Sam and the sheriff show up with lots of ammo and save Dean and Bobby.

With the zombies burning on funeral pyres, Bobby admits that Karen told him why she was there.  The grim reaper had come for Bobby, and brought Karen back to deliver a message.  Lucifer believes that Bobby is the main reason Sam rejects him, and wants him out of the way.  Bobby is not sure what Death wanted to kill - his body or his spirit.

Dig It or Bury It?

Leave it to Supernatural to make zombies dull.  I am not sure why the zombies were "human" for five days before they turned, nor have I figured out why half the cemetery was brought back.  Where did the grim reaper draw the line?  Most of this episode was touchy-feely stuff, with Bobby dealing with the return of his wife.  This episode did, however, have some impressive gore.

Blood Brothers

Ah, the gore.  It picks up when Sam is attacked by the decaying Mrs. Jones.  To save himself, he shoots her gaping maw, splattering goo all over the ceiling.  Later when Sam goes to visit the sheriff,  Shawn, the sheriff's son, has killed his father in a ridiculous river of blood.  Full of patriarch, he starts a slow, traditional zombie march towards his mother, blood coating his face and jammies.  On the less-gore-more-action side, Bobby plays a round of Zombie Duck Hunt while in the car yard, and Sam plays William Tell with the remainder of the undead.

Spooky Humor

Not much humor this episode - it was too emotional.  When Bobby finally tells the boys he lied, and he suspected Death was among them, Dean sighs and says, "Awesome.  Another horseman.  Must be Thursday."

Sibling Rivalry

Other than some minor disagreements over who is going to protect Bobby and who is going to protect the town, the Winchester boys were on their best behavior.


Zachariah is back to lead Sam and Dean to a trip to heaven.... or hell.