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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.18


Supernatural  Episode 5.18
Point of No Return
Written By: Jeremy Carver
Directed By: Phil Sgrricia
Original Airdate: 15 April 2010

In This Episode...
Sam finds Dean packing up his belongings along with a “Dear John” letter to his brother.  Sam thought Dean was suicidal, and Cas zaps the lot of them to Bobby’s house.  A migraine zaps Cas away, into the woods.  After killing a couple angels, he pulls a body from the dirt and returns to Bobby’s house.

The body is that of Adam, Sam and Dean’s half-brother.  He was dead, and Zachariah plucked him from heaven (which, for Adam, was the senior prom - he’s got to be the only one).  Zachariah told Adam that he was chosen to join forces with Michael, kill the devil, and save the world.  Cas theorizes that the angels got tired of waiting for Dean, and Adam does carry the Winchester blood. 

Adam and Dean are both considered flight risks, and are kept under house arrest.  So naturally, they both bust out.  Adam is taken by angels while he dreams. Dean tricks Cas and zaps him away with a mystical symbol.   Despite being pissed off at him, Cas finds Dean and zaps him back to Bobby’s house - but not until after he has beaten him nearly unconscious.

From there, it is a rescue mission.  The guys figure out that Adam is being held in the same “pretty room” that Dean was in.  Cas sees at least five angels guarding the place.  Now that Zachariah has Adam in his clutches, he admits that Adam was merely bait to lure Dean there.  It succeeded, and the boys show up.  Zachariah makes Adam and Sam hemorrhage blood to play on Dean’s sympathies.  He says “yes,” that he will join forces with Michael... but he has a few conditions: he has a list of people that must be kept safe, and Michael can’t have Dean until he turns Zachariah into charcoal.  Enraged, Zachariah lunges at Dean, and Dean stabs him into oblivion.  Dean and Sam make it out okay, but Adam is sucked into... wherever.

Dig It or Bury It?
This episode was far better than the last two or three.  It didn’t have the razzle-dazzle wackiness that I find most creative, but I felt like something actually happened in this episode.  Frequently, I find Supernatural gets very talky without any doing.  But this episode had plenty of fighting, and the dialogue didn’t dissolve into a theology lesson.  It ended on a rare upbeat note - not upbeat, but at least hopeful.  Dean tells Sam that he tricked Zachariah at the last minute because he didn’t want to let his little brother down, and the fight was back in Dean’s eyes.

This was the 100th episode of Supernatural, and it definitely was an important episode, without a lot of hoopla and gimmicks that can sometimes accompany milestone episodes.

Blood Brothers
Two of the three Winchester boys were vomiting blood, but most of the violence was angel-on-angel action.  Zachariah, when stabbed, had a truly mighty white light.  The beginning opened with the presence of Michael making a Scanners-like sound to the patrons in a dive bar that Zachariah is in.  Rather than their heads blowing up, the lowly humans’ eyes burst into flames.  It’s a shitty effect, but a cool idea.

Sibling Rivalry
The whole episode was Winchester strife - now with 33% more whining (thanks Adam!)  Adam can’t trust his half-brothers; Dean is depressed that he may have to kill Sam; Sam is depressed that his brother is depressed... it’s a vicious circle.

Next week we are back to the wackiness with a gory-looking episode that seems to be a cross between Motel Hell and Blood Feast.  How could that be bad?