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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.3


Supernatural Episode 5.3
“Free to Be You and Me”
Written By: Jeremy Carver
Directed By: Miller Tobin
Original Airdate: 24 September 2009

In This Episode…
Sam, in a motel in Oklahoma, is woken by his dead girlfriend, Jessica, who sweetly insists that his darkness got her killed, the people closest to him will die, and that won’t change.

One week earlier… Sam is just arriving in Oklahoma, while Dean is in Pennsylvania.  Cas shows up, in need of Dean’s help to find Raphael, the archangel who killed him, but who allegedly knows of the whereabouts of God.  They locate Raphael, in Maine, and prepare for the ritual.  The archangel will likely kill Cas during the process, and Dean has one very important thing he wants to do for Cas if it is to be his last night on earth: get the virgin laid.

At sunrise, the guys get the ritual underway.  Raphael makes an unremarkable entrance in a sizzle of lightning and levitates.   When Cas and Dean ask him where God is, Raphael tells them that God is dead.  "How can you look at the world and believe God exists?"  He threatens to kill Dean, and Dean promptly seals him in a ring of fire.  He also intimates that Cas may have been raised not by God, but by Lucifer.

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, Sam gets a job at a bar, but fears he is seeing signs of the apocalypse.  He calls Bobby and asks him to send his best guys down.  Sam is Bobby’s best guy, but Sam freaks out and hangs up.  Bobby takes the hint and sends a trio of hunters down to OK.  Sam fills them in on what little he knows, but declines to go with them.

The hunters return later that night – one man short.  The leader of the pack is furious at Sam – what did he not tell them?  Hunter #2 comes in, holding Lindsey the barmaid hostage with a large knife.  The ultimatum: Sam drinks a vial of demon blood, "Hulks out," and takes revenge on the demons that slaughtered one of their own, or they kill the girl.  When Sam refuses, they force feed him the blood.  It backfires when Sam goes crazy, beating them up – until he realizes that Lindsey is watching and he wants her to like him.

Back at the motel, we pick up more or less where we left off, with Jessica in bed with Sam.  But Jessica morphs into a young man, and scares the bejeezus out of Sam.  With good reason – that man is Lucifer.  He is Sam’s true vessel, and he will be let in.  He promises not to trick Sam or lie to him, but he will give his consent.

Dig It or Bury It?
Bury it.  This episode was ridiculously dull.  Lots of talking, no action.  The hunters kill a demon and are set upon by ten more.  Instead of seeing that, we get to watch Sam cleaning up the bar.  In addition, I feel like there were a lot of loose ends.  Sam is back on the blood, but other than giving him crazy dreams, it goes nowhere.  I suppose they will continue with that plot point next week.  Meanwhile, Dean and Cas are having what is possibly the dullest evil ritual I have ever seen, and all they are told is "God is dead.  By the way, I’m going kill you if I can work my way out of this magic circle."  It was frustrating and dull, but hopefully that just means they are setting up for an awesome episode next week.

Sibling Rivalry
The boys had no contact with one another this episode, but they missed each other terribly.  Dean was driving around and looked over to the passenger seat, visibly lonely.  Sam was scrolling through his Blackberry, looking for Bobby in his contact list.  He scrolled too far, stopping on Dean’s name.  I swear he nearly shed a tear.

Blood Brothers
Like I said, this episode was duller than dry toast.  The only death, Steve the Bounty Hunter, was killed off-camera.  Sam was  forced to drink demon blood.  He did spend about 14 seconds beating up the living hunters, but that was it.  The rest of the episode was tame enough to bore your grandmother.

Spooky Humor
When Cas tells Dean that the archangel whose help they need is named Raphael, Dean’s response is: "You were killed by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel?"  Good to see that even in the midst of an apocalypse, Dean keeps his sense of humor.

Next week looks like it will be much better.  Dean keeps slipping back and forth between 2009 and 2014.  In the latter year, he needs to take down a creepy religious cult.  At least he knows the planet lasts that long.