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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.4


Phobia Friday: Phasmophobia - FEAR of ghosts

Supernatural Episode 5.4
The End
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: Steve Boyum
Original Airdate: 1 October 2009
By: Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Dean lands in Kansas.  He is set to meet Cas but puts him off until morning so he can catch a few hours of sleep.  Sam interrupts his sleep with a late-night phone call.  He wants back in.  Though it pains him to do so, he turns his brother down and hangs up.

When morning comes, Dean finds himself in a very different world.  Resembling Europe during WWII, the world is a disaster.  Zachariah has zapped him into the year 2014 to give him a peek into his future – kind of a fucked-up Ghost of Christmas Future.  The majority of humankind has been devoured by the Croatoan virus.  This is apocalypse, now – or five years in the future.

Future Dean sees regular Dean and is understandably freaked.  Once future Dean believes that he is speaking to himself, he reveals that Sam died years ago in Detroit.  He leaves Dean chained up while he goes on a mission.  Dean picks the lock with a splinter and takes a look around the camp.  He sees Chuck, who thinks he is future Dean, and Cas, who knows he isn’t.  Cas is now a creepy mortal cult leader whose hobbies include copious amounts of drugs and orgies with impressionable young ladies.

When future Dean and his buddies come back from their mission, Dean is horrified to see himself shoot one of the team in the back, with no warning.  Future Dean explains that he had been attacked and infected by a Croat – it was the only way.  Future Dean insists that Dean go back and say “yes” to Michael – that way, at least part of humanity has a chance to survive. But there are more important matters at hand.  Future Dean has the gun, and tonight is the night they he kills Lucifer – but Dean has to come.

They trek out with the team to an abandoned sanitarium and get prepped to storm the castle.  More horrors when Dean discovers that the other team members are there to be bait – they are to go in through the front to distract the devil and whatever ghoulies are hiding there, while the Deans storm the back safely.  Dean vows to stop his future self, but instead is knocked unconscious.  When he comes to, the devil is just crushing Future Dean’s trachea beneath his foot.  He turns around – it is Sam. 

Sam/Lucifer explains that he doesn’t want to destroy the world – he thinks it is beautiful.  He also explains why God cast him out of heaven.  Lucifer loved God more than anything, but when God created humanity, Lucifer was to bow to them instead of God.  Lucifer refused, and God had Michael cast him into hell.  Sam/Lucifer also warns Dean that no matter what, he will end up there, face-to-face with his brother, the devil, in an apocalyptic nightmare.  Lucifer always wins.  “See you in five years, Dean.”  With that, Sam is gone, and Dean is zapped back to his time and confronted by Zachariah, who is insistent that he say yes to Michael.  Dean refuses, and just as Zachariay is growing furious, Dean once again disappears – this time, it is Cas who has zapped him away.  Determined to change the future, Dean calls Sam and welcomes him back into the hunt.

Dig It or Bury It?
I feel a little mislead.  I was under the impression that a crazy cult was responsible for the tragedy on Earth, but it wasn’t.  At least the apocalyptic future was true, and that helped keep this episode interesting.  Another talky episode with little action, but the ruins of civilization are always fascinating and terrifying.  I was a little concerned about the “God cast me out because I was in love with him” portion, but I think I am just reading homophobia where there isn’t really any.  The ending is also a little unsatisfactory.  It ends bleakly with no real conclusion one way or another.

Sibling Rivalry
Sam reaches out desperately to his brother, but is turned away harshly.  It is heartbreaking, but they reconcile at the end.  You know they had to – the strength of the show is based on the brothers’ relationship.

Blood Brothers
Right after Dean gets zapped to the future and is exploring the ruins of civilization, a mob of maniacal Croats comes charging after him.  The military shows up and mows everyone down in a hail of high-powered bullets.

Spooky Humor
When Zachariah appears to tell Dean that he has been zapped to the future because he needs to see what will happen if he continues on this path, he holds up a newspaper with the headline: “President Palin Refuses to Apologize for Bombing Houston.”  Maybe that isn’t so much hilarious as it is mind-numbingly terrifying.

I am psyched for next week’s episode.  It appears that the figures in a wax museum are being possessed by the celebrities they represent – and going out and killing fans.  Wax figures are on par with clowns on the scare-o-meter.  Plus, it has a deranged, dancing Gandhi.  You can’t top that.  Well, maybe with stripper clowns.