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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.7


Phobia Friday: Gerascophobia- Fear of growing old.

Supernatural Episode 5.7
The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Story By: Sera Gamble & Jenny Klein
Teleplay By: Sera Gamble
Directed By: Robert Singer
Original Airdate: 29 October 2009

In This Episode...
High stakes poker takes on a whole new meaning in this episode.  When sent out to investigate the death of a 25-year-old man who died from age, Sam and Dean discover an Irish witch, Patrick, who deals poker games where the stakes are years.  Bobby, who is familiar with the game, comes out in hopes of setting the clock back to before he was paralyzed.  He fails and ages 25 years.

Dean steps  in and puts up 50 years.  Twenty five go straight towards Bobby’s debt.  Dean hopes to win the hand and come out even, but he doesn’t and is aged 50 years.  Sam’s plan is to go in and play for his brother’s years back.  Dean and Bobby don’t want him to do it because apparently he sucks at poker.  Sam, shockingly, doesn’t listen and challenges Patrick.

While Sam is playing poker, Patrick’s sexy witch companion, Leigh, goes to see Dean and Bobby.  She gives them the reversal spell (for “her own reasons,” which we later discover is because she is no longer comfortable with the unnatural life she is leading).  The spell doesn’t work, but Dean reverts back to his 30-year-old self: Sam beat Patrick fair and square.

Dig It or Bury It?
It was a good concept, but boy was this a slow episode.  Lots of talking, no action, no killing, scarcely any humor, and there was barely a conflict.  It didn’t even take anything special to beat the witch, just a good hand of Texas Hold ‘Em.  And of course, they couldn’t hold off on the Benjamin Buttons reference, but at least they held it until the end. It was just tedious.  On top of that, Bobby spent the entire episode “why me-ing” and making veiled suicide threats.  It was obnoxious.

Spooky Humor
While chasing down a missing persons case, the Winchester’s find their missing man in a cheesy Thai whorehouse with two hookers.  As they are leaving, Dean glances around the room and says sarcastically, “Stay classy.”

Sibling Rivalry
Nothing new.  Dean again treats Sam like his incompetent baby brother, but Sam was mature enough to let it roll off his back and not make a big deal out of it.

Blood Brothers
Not. A. Drop.  Bastards.

I have hope for next week’s episode – the guys get sucked into the television and ride through a variety of classic TV genres.  Wacky stuff like that is usually very entertaining.