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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.9


Supernatural Episode 5.9
The Real Ghostbusters
Story By: Nancy Weiner
Teleplay By: Eric Kripke
Directed By: Jim Conway
Original Airdate: 12 November 2009

In This Episode…
Sam and Dean receive an emergency, life-or-death threat from old buddy Chuck.  When they roll up to the hotel he is staying at, Chuck has no idea what they are talking about.  Crazed super-fan Becky runs out – she sent the text, and wanted the guys to come to the first annual Supernatural Convention.

There is plenty to do at a Supernatural Convention: buy merchandise, sit in on panels on subjects like the homo-erotic subtext in the books, dress as your favorite character, and take part in a murder mystery.  But when one con-goer gets the crap beat out of him by a real ghost, the boys decide to stick around.  It turns out that the fake murder mystery is based on a real case: one hundred years ago, the hotel was an orphanage, and the headmistress, Leticia Gore murdered four boys – one of which was her own son, whom she scalped.  Sam and Dean find her grave in the onsite cemetery and do a little demon voodoo on her bones.

However, the haunting doesn’t stop, and  one of the con-goers winds up scalped.  The pieces start to fall into place for Sam & Dean.  The son was scalped by the other three boys.  When Leticia discovered this, she killed the three boys in a rage.  Her spirit was the only thing keeping the murderous tots at bay.  The guys have to get back to the cemetery and destroy the remaining bodies.  Unfortunately, the ghosts have the hotel locked down tight.  Dean convinces the actress who was playing Leticia to act like the real ghost in order to frighten the ghost boys into submission.  The plan was working until her cell phone goes off.  The children were distracted long enough to let a couple of Sam & Dean wannabes make it out to the cemetery while the real Sam & Dean are inside trying not to get scalped.  The fake Winchesters get to the corpses in the nick of time, and the ghosts go up in flames.

Dig It or Bury It?
Not bad, not bad.  I feel like the all the humor at the convention was a lot more subdued than it should have been.  It also felt like there were a lot of random characters that added to the plot and then filtered into the background – like the guy who initially gets beat up by the ghost.  Maybe I’m just too used to the show being light on characters.  The ghost story was a nice one, even if it was predictable. I think maybe I had my hopes up too high for this episode.

Sibling Rivalry
The real Winchesters were well behaved this week; all the duos of fake Sam & Deans squabbled.  However, I’m not sure how much of that is part of their character, or if it was just geek squabbling. 

Blood Brothers
The ghost kid had a scalped head.  Well, not entirely scalped, just a chunk.  But you could see skull, which was intriguing.  The dead con attendee had the same wound, but other than that it was fairly blood-free.

Spooky Humor
As Sam is saying good-bye to Chuck, he tells him that it is okay if he keeps publishing the Supernatural books.  Chuck is surprised: "Really?"  "No, we have guns and we will find you," Sam assures him.  Ah, finally Sam gets the good line!

"One gun.  One shot heard around the netherworld."  Does that mean anything to you?  Because that is pretty much the extent of next week's preview and I have not seen enough episodes to decipher it.